Economic and Environment

woshiyigebing 2007-07-0511149阅读
There is a close relationship between ecnomic development and environmental protection.Without a good environment,it would be hard to develop our economy quickly since environment would hinder the further development of economy.On the other hand,with the rapid development of economy,there would be enough finds to improve the environment.So ecnomic development and environmental protection are interdependent on each other.
However,in real practice,people often neglect environmental protection while developing economy.For instance,in order to make big profits,people often cut lots of trees.The deforestation destroys the ecological balance,and gives rise to disastrous consequences such as droughts and floods.To some extent,the faster the economy develops,the worse the environment becomes.
Then,faced with this situation,what should we do/From my point of view,first we should make people aware of the importance of environmental protections.While we are developing our economy,we should attach great importance to our environment.Next,great efforts should be made to improve our environment.We should plant more trees,control the exploration of underground water and draw laws to protect our environment and to punish those who break them.Only in this way can we enjoy a clean and beautiful environment as well as a pleasant economic development.
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