How to Eliminate Fake Diplomas

woshiyigebing 2007-07-01647阅读
It is reported that the flooding of fake diplomas is a serious problem recently.When employers lay much emphasis on their candidates' education background,different kinds of fake diplomas appear.It is unfair that one fails to get his job just because his rival has got a fake diploma or certificate.Therefore,fake diplomas do harm to the job market.
Many ways can contribute to sovling this serious problem,but the following ones may be quite effective.
first of all,companies and universities should have a close contact so that fake diplomas can not play tricks.Besides,people who fabricate fake diplomas should be severely punished by law and thoroughly exposed though media.Finally,those who use fake diplomas in finding jobs should be disqualified from the job market for at least three months.That may teach others a lesson.
These are not the best and only measures we can take.But it should be noted that we should take strong action to prohibit fake diplomas.
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