Getting to Know the World outside Campus

woshiyigebing 2007-06-30655阅读
With the rapid development of our society,the campus is no longer an "Ivory Tower".Students must get in touch with the world outside the campus so that they can adapt themselves to society more quickly when they graduate.
Although all students keep themselves informed by TV,radio broadcasts and newspapers.Some of them even take up part-time jobs in their spare time;working as tutors,serving in some fast-food restaurants and others.All these have kept students in touch with society.
Now the summer/winter vacation will come and I've already found myself a job working as a typist in an office.I've learned typing for many years and I think I can do it well.It's a good chance for me to get to know society,to learn how to get along with my colleagues and to see how ny knowledge is put into practice.When the next semester begins,I'll still try to do some odd jobs like this.Regardless of the pay,I think the most important thing is that I can really know a lot about society.
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